The Department of Education was established in the year 1959 and is in the second floor of the MCB building of Cotton University .It was then a new subject and Dr. Lakshahira Das, an eminent personality of Assam, shouldered the responsibility of the department as Head of the Department.In 1977 Prof. Priyalal Pathak became the HoD and as a result of his sincere efforts in 1985 Education Department was upgraded into a PG Department in erstwhile Cotton College. Eminent educationists of Assam Dr. Gauri Deka, Prof. Ajiteswar Goswami, Prof. Lahari Das, Dr Rupa Das Borbora shouldered the responsibility of HoDs of the Department respectively. Currently the department of Education offers B.A., M.A. and Education

Recent Publications

  • Challenges of Online Teaching-Learning, Paripex- Indian Journal of Research
    Publish by: Dr. Neeta Baglari
    Publish on: 30-October-2021

  • A Study on the Awareness of Human Rights Education among Higher Secondary Students, Quest Journal of Research in Humanities and Social Science
    Publish by: Dr. Neeta Baglari
    Publish on: 07-July-2021

  • Online Learning- The problems and the Prospects, Psychology and Education (Scopus Indexed)
    Publish by: Dr. Tarali Pathak
    Publish on: 07-June-2021

  • Review Article on Metacognitive Abilities: Significance in Education, Strad Research (Scopus, Web of Sciences Indexed)
    Publish by: Pratisha Padmasri Deka
    Publish on: 05-March-2021

  • Causes of Anger and its Influence on Physical and Mental Health of the Working Women with Special Reference to Cotton University of Assam, International Journal of Advanced Research in Science, Communication and Technology
    Publish by: Dr. Angita Sarmah Boruah
    Publish on: 05-November-2020

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